Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remember the Night (1940)

Remember the Night (1940) is a romantic comedy/drama Christmas film written by Preston Sturges and directed by Mitchell Leisen. Cast: Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray and features Beulah Bondi and Sterling Holloway. Lee Leander (Barbara Stanwyck) is arrested during the Christmas holidays for trying to shoplift a very expensive bracelet . Assistant District Attorney John Sargeant (Fred MacMurray) is assigned to prosecute her. Thinking he may lose his case against Lee Leander when he hears O'Leary's argument to have the case decided quickly. He quickly adjourns the case until after the first of the year. John posts her bail so she does not have to spend Christmas in jail. When John learns that she is from Indiana, where he is about to drive to visit his mother for the holidays, he offers to drop her off at home.

Unfortunately, they get lost in Pennsylvania and end up crashing the car and spend the night in a field. The next morning, they are arrested by a farmer and taken into the justice of the peace. Lee starts a fire in a wastebasket as a distraction, and they escape..When they arrive at Lee's mother's farm, Lee's mother turns her away, Lee is devastated. John decides to bring her home to his mother and Aunt Emma. Lee is looking forward to visiting a loving home for Christmas. John in confidence tells his mother about Lee, and she welcomes Lee into her home. A romance between her and John, begins to bloom. Jack's mother, believes that a relationship with Lee would destroy her son's career, and asks Lee to give him up. On the drive home, John comes up with a plan so that she can avoid prosecution. Will Lee pay for her crime?
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Merry Christmas Everyone :)


  1. Dawn, thanks for an interesting blog about a Christmas movie that somehow got by me. I look forward to seeing it on TCM. By the way, isn't this a beautiful page? Noiree, you always do it up right!

  2. Thank you Becky, i hope you enjoy watching it on TCM.
    Noiree, you did a wonderful job on the Christmas page. i love it!!

  3. I really like this film. The ending is pretty surprising, but good nonetheless.

  4. Dawn, I "discovered" this movie about a year ago, and I liked it so much that I decided to add a Christmas-themed section to my DVD collection. The part of the film which takes place at Jack's home really pulls at my heart strings. I'm so glad that you've put the spotlight on this little known and fantastic film.

  5. Becks and Dawn, I'm glad that you're enjoying the page. Thanks for the kind words.